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Baby to Teen: What to Teach Your Kids About Oral Health

As you become older, your body changes. Don’t worry, this is not going to be that kind of discussion. We’re going to talk about changes in dental health. That is all. If you haven’t had this discussion with your kids yet, you should. If they are still very young, that is good. You will be able to mold their developing... read more »

Teach Your Child to Brush & Floss

Our pediatric dentists and team know that your child’s baby teeth are not here to stay. However, we stress their importance in your child’s long-term dental health. Did you know that your child’s baby teeth help guide the adult teeth into their correct positions? Did you know that if a baby tooth is lost too early, this can cause issues... read more »

Making Dental Hygiene Fun for Your Child

Your child has reached the age that they can begin brushing their teeth without help. However, getting your child to brush his or her teeth can be a challenge. So how do you get your child excited about dental hygiene? How do you convince them that caring for their pearly whites can be fun? Dr. Preece, Dr. Church, and our... read more »