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Some Helpful Information About Baby Teeth

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You may be surprised to learn that your child’s baby teeth play a big role in the health of his or her smile as an adult. This is because the baby teeth hold space in a child’s smile so that their adult teeth can come in properly when the time is right.

So, when should your child’s baby teeth erupt? Usually, the primary teeth begin to break the gums around six months of age. Keep in mind that this may vary. Most children have a full set of baby teeth by the time they are about three. There are 20 baby teeth total. In many cases, a child’s earliest teeth will come in in pairs.

Helping your child take care of his or her baby teeth is very important. If a baby tooth becomes extensively damaged or decayed, the permanent tooth that has yet to grow in can also become infected. If a baby tooth is lost early, the other baby teeth can drift and block the permanent tooth from coming in correctly. This can cause the permanent tooth to come in crooked.

Begin caring for your child’s teeth early. Before your baby’s teeth come in, clean his or her gums with wet gauze or a clean cloth after feedings. Once the teeth start growing in, use a small, soft brush to brush your child’s teeth twice a day. Help your child brush and floss their teeth until they are old enough to do it on their own.

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